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graphics_shoppe's Journal

A Place to Request Tags, Icons, and other graphics
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Hello! It seems that you have stumbled upon Livejournal's first Harry Potter Hybrid Elite! This community is for our members who are graphically-inclined to show off their stuff! Members who are not graphically-inclined who would like some pretty icons, banners, or signature tags for hybrid_sorting can come here and request for one, in which if they are filled, can earn extra points for their House!

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hybrid_elite reparo_elite hybrid_sorting hybrid_staff gryffinandclaw huffle_dor raven_puff slythin_claw slythin_dor slythin_puff hybrid_housecup evanesco_elite hybridperceptum obscurus_elite graphics_shoppe
GENERAL RULES SORTING RULES GRAPHIC CONTEST RULES (FLOCKED) EXPLANATION OF SORTING (FLOCKED) THE BREAKDOWN (FLOCKED) EXPLANATIONS OF EACH HOUSE INFORMATION ON HOW WE WORK APPLICATION STAMPS You must join hybrid_sorting before you put in your request to post your application. Again, I encourage all applicants to send in their application as soon as possible! Thank you!